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Building rtmpsink plugin for gstreamer on Windows

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In this post I will guide you through how I built the rtmpsink plugin for gstreamer on Windows.

I built this off of OSSBuild r1012, librtmp 2.4, and zlib (lastest version should work, no changes are made to zlib).

First, from the OSSBuild source you want to add a new project for the rtmp plugin. This patch should put the source code in the right place, so what you want to do is just import ossbuild/Main/GStreamer/Windows/Build/Plugins/Bad/ext/rtmp.vcxproj.

The rtmp plugin relies on librtmp which relies on zlib, so you should add both of them as projects into the solution. For librtmp, some changes are needed to satisfy Visual Studio. In particular, whenever there’s a complaint that the POSIX name of some string function (strdup, vsnprintf, snprintf, stricmp, strnicmp) replace it with the suggested function.

There might be some small errors or path issues and stuff left. Remember to add gstbase, gstreamer and librtmp as references to gstrtmp, and zlib as a reference to librtmp. Hopefully everything should build without much hassle, and you can find the result as ossbuild/Build/Windows/Win32/Release/bin/plugins/libgstrtmp.dll. Drop the file into the OSSBuild/GStreamer/v0.10.7/lib/gstreamer-0.10 folder in your OSSBuild installation and you’re good to go!
Good luck.


Written by jonathanasdf

November 9, 2012 at 5:31 PM

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  1. […] plugin to output rtmp, and I mostly worked on porting the gstreamer rtmp plugin to Windows (see here). I’m sure Mike has faced his share of problems, but here are the main ones I had encountered […]

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