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Global Game Jam 2012

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… This is a really late post, but, whatever.

I attended Global Game Jam this year for the first time ever. It was held at UBC, and there were over 180 participants! The theme was the a picture taken from the wikipedia page for ouroboros. Our team was amazing and awesome. It seemed like when every other team was working with a gloomy spirit and their heads hanging low in a fierce race against time, our team was the only one that filled the room with laughter; it almost seems as if we were the only team that had fun during the 48 hours.

But more importantly than that, this is probably the first time I’ve managed to actually finish a polished game in any team. I guess the time constraint really helped because the 4 or 5 other collabs I had done were without any kind of deadlines, and towards the middle interest just kinda fizzed away.

Here is our final product:

It was created in GameMaker HTML5 Version, but when we exported it to the web it lagged too much, so we only exported an executable.

At first we had planned for the mechanic of losing abilities every few levels because the robot was running out of power, so it had to get rid of some parts, but those parts are picked up by another robot who in the end appears before you as the boss. This was our interpretation of the theme. However, near the 24 hour mark we realized that this was going to be impossible to finish so we cut it out… But don’t worry! You see the markings on the doors? That’s actually a snake eating its own tail! So …. we did follow the theme (ok, it’s a very bad excuse :( but what can we do)

Still, I personally think it is very fun, so definitely give it a try!


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February 22, 2012 at 5:26 PM

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