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Farm of Souls (Flash Game)

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Every week in the Kongregate Programming Forums, UnknownGuardian holds a contest called GiTD: Game in Ten Days. The aim is to create a game about a certain topic in 10 days. The topic/theme changes every week.

Recently, there was an instance of GiTD with the theme “Death”. And Farm of Souls by newbie flash ninja Siveran was one of the entries. Siveran was only introduced to flash for a few weeks. Armed with programming knowledge gained from other languages, and the help of the community at the programming forums, he set out on the harsh and corpse-filled path towards creating an epic flash game.

But he survived, and not only created a game in 10 days, but a rather interesting and addictive game.


Make people die the happiest deaths to harvest the most souls, then use the souls to upgrade others so they may die even happier!

You are the god of this world of farming. You can choose to give birth to a farmer at will, and after an amount of time, they die, and return to your collection of souls. But, should they be successful, and thus happy, their overfilled souls will split and you will gain more souls. Your goal: to bring prosperity to the land and the farmer race.

There is no actual end to this game (I think). You just keep playing to get higher and higher scores. Seems boring? Well, that’s not something you Farmvillers are allowed to say! Although it isn’t even close to the level of depth of Dwarf Fortress, and it doesn’t seem to have all that much potential for growth (surprise me!), it’s quite addicting watching it go on, and it very meaningfully incorporates the theme of death. The graphics and UI are simple and thus pleasing, and although there is no sound yet, he is promising sound in an update scheduled for the near future. Hell, wait till you can buy pink plants with kreds and share orchards and crops with other players. Farmville will go out of business!

That said, I recommend anyone else who has a simple yet awesome idea in mind, and who wouldn’t mind working a bit to learn some flash to try their hand in the GiTD. Maybe you’ll be one to create the next million dollar game.


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January 28, 2011 at 12:03 AM

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